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Brock Luty, Ph.D.

Director of Scientific Computing

Dr. Luty has been involved in applying software engineering and informatics to the science of drug discovery for over 20 years. After receiving his Degree in Chemical Engineering from Kansas State University, he moved to Houston to study computational methods for simulating biochemical systems. Brock earned his Ph.D. in Chemical Physics with Professor Andy McCammon in 1992 and continued his studies of computational statistical mechanics as a Human Frontiers Postdoctoral Fellow with Prof. Wilfred van Gunsteren at the ETH in Zurich. In 1995,Brock joined Agouron Pharmaceuticals to help develop novel SBDD methods. Brock continued in positions of increasing responsibility until 2008 where he was an Associate Research Fellow in the Computational Science Center of Excellence for Pfizer La Jolla. After a short, but enjoyable,stint as an independent consultant, Brock joined Dart NeuroScience LLC in 2010.