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Jeffrey A. Vivian, Ph.D.

Director of Pharmacology

Dr. Vivian has been involved in Drug Discovery for over 15-years. Prior to joining DNS, Dr. Vivian was Executive Advisor, and subsequently Director, of Neuroscience at Maccine Pte Ltd., a Contract Research Organization which specialized in Translational Neuroscience Discovery using non-human primates. Prior to Maccine, Dr. Vivian was Director of Integrative Systems Biology (and later Central Pharmacology) at Merck Research Laboratories, whose task was to provide oversight, coordination and execution of the preclinical-to-clinical strategy (including integration of nonbehavioral biomarkers) in Cognition. Prior to Merck, Dr. Vivian was Principal Scientist at Hoffman-LaRoche (Roche Palo Alto), where he established the Nonhuman Primate Neuroscience laboratory (now at Stanford Research Institute), while also leading or supporting Discovery through early stage Development programs. During his tenure in industry, Dr. Vivian has established four nonhuman primate laboratories (primarily involved in Cognition but also other Neuroscience therapeutic areas), has been involved multiple IND applications, and is co-author on more than 30 papers. Trained as an Experimental Psychologist, Dr. Vivian received a BA in from Reed College, and a PhD from Tufts University. He subsequently received post-doctoral training in Pharmacology at the University of Michigan Medical School.