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Anthony Nicholls, Ph.D.

President and CEO at OpenEye Scientific

Anthony Nicholls studied Physics at Oxford, 1979-1982, followed by a PhD in Biophysics at Florida State University. In 1988 he joined the lab of Barry Honig at Columbia University, and worked on software for calculating and visualizing the electrostatic properties of molecules, programs that found wide acceptance in academic and, in particular, the pharmaceutical industry. Moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1996, he founded OpenEye Scientific Software, a company dedicated to molecular modeling and informatics, in particular the information contained in the shape and electrostatic properties of molecules. OpenEye now has about fifty employees and additional offices in Boston, Cologne and Tokyo. He has been a strong proponent of applying adequate statistics to the evaluation of methods and practices in drug design, and has organized conferences and a journal series on the subject. He is currently the Chairman of the Worldwide Protein Data Bank and remains the CEO of OpenEye.