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Dart NeuroScience's mission is to become the leading specialized pharmaceutical company for memory disorders by focusing on the discovery and development of innovative drugs with new mechanisms of action. These discoveries are firmly based in a careful examination of the genes involved in the reorganization of synaptic connections in brain, a cellular/molecular process which underlies both implicit (motor skills) and explicit (facts and events) forms of memory.

Dart NeuroScience's unique perspective originated with scientific findings at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL). CSHL developed an array of proprietary technologies that enable the identification of fruit fly genes that control memory. DNS has extended the functional links of these genes to memory in mammals and has grown its IP portfolio considerably with new methodologies to identify small molecular drugs from mammalian targets. DNS continues its focus on the identification and validation of genes involved in mammalian memory formation. With such gene targets, high-throughput screens are being carried out for compounds that enhance or inhibit the biochemical activity of the target gene - thereby yielding memory enhancers.

DART® research in neuroscience reflects a targeted and multidisciplinary strategy:

  • Genetic, biochemical, physiological, and behavioral techniques to identify genes, networks, and pathways underlying cognitive processes, including memory, and diseases affecting such processes.
  • High-throughput drug screening and medicinal chemistry to develop compounds for treating cognitive and motor disorders and enhancing brain functions that may be damaged by the progression of disease.
  • Chemical, structural, and computational procedures to expand chemical libraries and design new molecules that interact with proteins in the CNS.
  • Assays and diagnostics to analyze functional properties in specific brain domains and map corresponding deficits, with a focus on the impact of disease on those domains and the creation of deficits.
  • Specialized therapies to rehabilitate and enhance brain function by combining specific training protocols with augmenting agents.